My name is Stephen and I work as a freelance composer, conductor and music copyist.

Hi, I'm Katie, I am a contemporary dancer and choreographer. I have been working with the Culture Collective in their last performances and am happy to return for this new venture! As a dancer I have been working with choreographers Jacky Lansley, Kim Brandstrup, Hubert Essakow and mentor Rosemary Butcher. I am looking forward to working with people from different disciplines.

Hi, I am Ni. I am studing moving image in Central Saint Martins now. I always love performance and theater, I think this is a very good chance to know people from this area and work with them. I come from Shanghai, China. I was studing Marketing four years.

Hello, my name's Jordan and I'm a composer and violinist amongst other things, and I've been working with the London Sinfonietta Culture Collective since its inception in 2008. I'm currently working on a dance-theatre piece for the Aldeburgh Festival 2010, and touring with my band The Irrepressibles I love having the chance to curate work around some of the world's best contemporary music, performed by some of the worlds best players, and collaborating with artists and dancers in performance.

Howdy I'm Alex and I will soon be studying Music Computing. In the mean time I have been experimenting with music and computers.

My work falls mostly within the realm of choreography but always involves close collaboration with other artists working in areas such as music, computer programming, architecture, and visual arts. I’m a co-founder of Armadillo Dance Project and currently we’re preparing for summer presentations at the ABUNDANCE Festival in Karlstad, Sweden and the World Dance Alliance Event in New York City. This is my first year working with the London Sinfonietta Collective.

DANIEL HARLEI'm a music student from London.
I write a lot of electronic and acoustic music.
At the moment I am especially interested in library music and video game soundtracks.

Sophie Gate
Yo. was I supposed to post this here?
Studying moving image at Central St Martins, but mainly interested in animation. I have a bronze medal in the national yo-yo championships in the under 16's category.

SION will post a little information about themselves soon

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