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Thanks to everybody who came to see the gig - it wouldn't have been half as good without an audience!


Composer and critic Stephen Crowe came to SHADOWORKS and gave us a glowing FIVE STAR review

Here's an especially great paragraph about the Collective's involvement in the foyer spectacles

"During the intervals there were informal Foyer Spectacles from The London Sinfonietta Collective- a multi-discipline outfit who produce sound and installations in all possible manifestations. The most notable of the troupe were some improvised electronic jibbering from Alex Cook and Daniel Harle, and a hammed-up homage to the pangs of inspiration by writhing Jordan Hunt and his alluring cohorts"

stills from the dance/animation film

A few images to capture your imagination and entice you to come to the performance tomorrow night at Queen Elizabeth Hall, 7.30pm!

See you there!

Just Hanging Around--installation rehearsal (part 2)

We decided to take this rehearsal outside. Given the costumes, Greenwich seemed apropos.

SHADOWORKS // 3 / JUN / 2010 // QEH / LONDON

3rd June 2010 Queen Elizabeth Hall Southbank Centre

See you there!!!

Just Hanging Around--installation rehearsal

Just Hanging Around had a mini rehearsal of parts 1 and 3 (pre-show and 2nd interval) in the foyer of the Laban Centre. Not too many people around Laban on a Sunday afternoon so the space was devoid of passersby and potential audience members. There will be 10 performers in total at QEH but for this rehearsal, 4 were present. More rehearsals are being scheduled throughout the next week and a half so all performers will be able to attend at least 1 before June 3rd.

Clearly, costumes are still being completed...
Part 1

Part 3

Post-concert miniatures

After the main concert on 3rd June there will be a post-concert event featuring a selection of miniatures originally written for the accordion by the British experimental composer Howard Skempton. Members of the London Sinfonietta Collective (Alex Cook, Daniel Harle, Laura Jayne Bowler and Stephen Mark Barchan) have created orchestrated versions of these pieces, which the Azalea Ensemble (conducted by Stephen Mark Barchan) will perform on the stage in the QEH foyer. The miniatures that will be presented - One for the Road, Yes, yes, Annette, Deeply shaded, Berkley Street and Pendulum - have been written at various points during the last thirty years. This will be an opportunity to hear both the original pieces (performed by accordionist Amadej Herzog) echoed by the orchestrated versions for large ensemble, along with Stephen Mark Barchan's Always Together - a homophonic chorale dedicated to Howard Skempton.