Music Mouse Variations - First Rehearsal

Daniel and myself (Alex) will be performing a piece of electronic music in the foyer during the first interval.

It's based around some software designed by Laurie Spiegel called "Music Mouse" which we'll be running on an old Atari 1040ST.
The software is basically an interface for controlling lots of notes and chords at the same time using a computer mouse and keyboard and then sending that data to other devices which can then provide a variety of sounds.

Here is what the Music Mouse interface looks like:

Yesterday Dan and I had our first rehearsal.
I was at the Atari while Dan was controlling loop and delay pedals, and during the session we tried out a variety of sounds that the Atari would trigger, including a drum machine which actually worked quite well despite being sent information designed to be played on a keyboard.

We recorded most of the rehearsal and ended up with over 2 hours of audio, but I've edited that down to 8 minutes so you can hear some of the sounds we managed to create.
We'll need to work quite a bit on structuring the piece into something that will work well and also on creating some effective transitions between parts.
Overall I'm just happy that most of the technology actually worked!

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